Art for Arctic

Performance art by Hina Struever

If a single person campaigns for justice in the Arctic, then he/she will run out of air. That is why we must stand together to achieve our goal. Together with five Greenpeace volunteers/staff members and with the assistance of the public I am expressing the international solidarity that triggered the arrest of 30 Greenpeace Arctic protectors. My performance reveals in a symbolic way the growth of the Arctic30 movement. It starts with a few individuals advocating for a release of the Arctic30 growing into a movement which involves even not-Greenpeace-members. Together we stand for justice .

With thanks to Tanja, Verena, Simone, Mira and Mereth for performing and Jonas Scheu for the video! 

What is it?
In the performance, a yellow balloon with 2 meter diameter is inflated . The balloon is connected to a tubing system. At the end of every tube there are foot air pumps.

Hina starts. She begins to pump. The task is hopeless if you look at the size of the balloon. A second person with air pump added, docked on to the hose system, and helps pumping. Now the ballon already grows faster. A third person follows and so on. Finally, six people on the balloon. More of the public follow. On the giant balloon thereby enlarge the text “Save the Arctic” until it is visible in huge letters on the balloon. After the balloon is filled, everybody writes their wishes onto the ballon.


The performance took place in Bern on the federal court house on Wednesday, 13:11 . at 16:00.